Introduction to Usermin

 Introduction to Usermin 

What is Usermin?

Usermin is a web interface that can be used by any user on a Unix system to easily perform tasks like reading mail, setting up SSH or configuring mail forwarding. It can be thought of as a simplified version of Webmin designed for use by normal users rather than system administrators.

Like Webmin, Usermin consists of a simple web server, and a number of CGI programs which directly update user config files like ~/.cshrc and ~/.forward. The web server and all CGI programs are written in Perl version 5, and use only the non-standard Authen::PAM perl module.

What licence is Usermin distributed under?

Usermin is available free for commercial and personal use under the BSD licence.

Because Usermin supports the concept of modules (like PhotoShop plugins), anyone can develop and distribute their own modules for any purpose, and distribute them under any licence (such as GPL, commercial or shareware).

Thanks To..

The following people have helped in the development of Usermin
John Smith (john.smith@mscsoftware.com)
Suggesting the original idea for Usermin, and sponsoring its development

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